An intergral part of the design process, it all starts with communication. In the initial interview, a project scope is determined, based on needs, dreams and budget. Critical issues that can affect the project are identified and addressed.  These might be special permitting conditions, height restrictions or setback requirements. The site is reviewed and design principals and preferences discussed. And finally, a determination of the involvement of other consultants; such as an engineer, geotechnical engineer, surveyor, interior designer, etc., will be made.

Schematic Design

The schematic design is where dreams take shape. It begins to bring the project into focus, provides clarity to client and designer and forms the framework for design development.

Design development

Once the schematic design is approved, the design development phase begins. At this point, collaboration is critical. The schematic design is filled in, fleshed out and fine-tuned to reflect your vision of home.

Construction documents

Design development complete, work on construction documents begins. These are the blue prints for the projects providing detailed specifics for construction. A set of construction documents is required in most cases to obtain a building permit.